15.03.2022. » 06:40 | ACDC

New Program Officer in NGO ACDC

Ines Aljović Mihajlović, a new program officer, is a rising...


11.03.2022. » 09:19 | The Agency for Free Legal Aid

The Cooperation agreement signed between the Agency for Free Legal Aid and NGO ACDC

On 10.03.2022, Mrs. Anita Alaj Kalanderi, Executive Director at the...


09.03.2022. » 18:01 | NDI

NDI workshop - Anti-Corruption Support to Civil Society (ACSCS)

NGO ACDC participated in the first within the program Anti-Corruption...


03.03.2022. » 08:32 | ACDC

Presentation of the manual for free legal aid

As part of the USAID Justice Program, the conference was...


25.02.2022. » 14:55 | ACDC

NGO ACDC - Office in Belgrade

Last month, the NGO ACDC office was opened in Belgrade. 


22.02.2022. » 19:14 | ACDC

NGO ACDC presented the office in Prishtina

As announced at the beginning of this month, The NGO...


09.02.2022. » 09:26 | ACDC

Visit of the Deputy Ambassador of Norway

On the 8th of February, we hosted the Deputy Ambassador...


02.02.2022. » 17:31 | ACDC

The ACDC office opened in Pristina

The ACDC office in Pristina was officially opened on February...