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Advocacy Center for Democratic Culture (ACDC) is a local Civil Society Organization (CSO), based in North Mitrovica, Kosovo, which was established in December 2011.

The goal of the organization is to improve the engagement of a multiethnic population in Mitrovica region and raise the awareness of the citizens about democratic culture.

Planning and organizing multi-ethnic seminars to provide informal education for groups of all ages and ethnicities. Activities are planned according to the stated priorities of the population of Mitrovica. ACDC plans and organizes multi-ethnic sports and cultural events (music concerts, photo exhibitions, sports activities) and intercultural exchange also.

The official purpose of the organization is active social activism of a population in multiethnic region of Mitrovica, through the organization of educational, cultural, sports activities, and improvement of social life of all generations and groups. Organization plans and conducts its activities based on the priorities of population in Mitrovica region.

Organization cooperates with other civil society organization in the implementation of its projects and actions. In addition, ACDC establishes close cooperation with local governments and local institutions.

Vision of ACDC

Mitrovica, a safe place where accountable institutions and strong civil society cooperate in developing a democratic culture, where there is an appreciation for diversity and opportunity for citizens to make choices. 

Mission of ACDC

Local civil society organization that identifies and promotes the interests of citizens and Kosovo society itslef through project activities and advocacy, as well as strengthening civil society against accountable institutions. 

Objectives of ACDC

     -Work on strengthening the democratic culture and dialogue in Mitrovica region.

     -Significant improvement of social policies in Mitrovica region.

     -Identification and promotion of the interests of citizens in Mitrovica.

     -Establishment of effective mechanism that would allow civil society organization to monitor the accountability of local governments and institutions. 

     -Create opportunities for free intercultural exchange. 


We are devoted to build better Mitrovica!!!

Let’s work together!!!

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