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International Women's Day

The first women's protests took place back in 1857 in New York.


The first women's protests took place back in 1857 in New York. Women employed in the textile industry staged a strike in the streets and publicly demonstrated against inhumane working conditions and low wages. The demonstration was soon suppressed by the police, but these brave women formed a union only two months later. Since then, March 8 has been observed all over the world as a special day - Women's Day. The day when women stood up and opposed the system, the day when women fought for the equality of women and men. The day when women started to fight for a better life of present and future generations of women.

This day has both lost and gained power throughout history. Today, when women still face numerous problems in society, discrimination at work, and lack of equality, this day is more than important. Do not let March 8 lose its meaning and be just another day of the year when you buy flowers for the women around you and congratulate them. Respect them, appreciate their work, and show gratitude for everything they do and everything they are in your life on all other days of the year.