25.09.2023. » 14:55

OP - ED Position of minority communities in Kosovo and their access to human rights

After the 1990s, conflicts and wars...


18.09.2023. » 12:48

OP - ED Social Awareness and Youth Rights in Kosovo

When considering the future of young...


15.09.2023. » 11:36

OP - ED Human Rights and Freedom of Expression in the Era of Technology

In today's world, we are witnesses to...


12.09.2023. » 09:56

OP - ED Struggle for Equality, Challenges, and Progress in the 21st Century

In today's world, in the 21st...


23.08.2023. » 11:34

OP - ED Human Rights and LGBTIQ+ Rights

With the growing focus on human...


17.08.2023. » 08:29

OP - ED Human Rights – Modern Concept or the Right to a Normal Life?

Human rights are inalienable, universal, and crucial...


15.08.2023. » 08:07

OP - ED Limitations and Human Rights: Right to Freedom of Movement

Freedom of movement entails the complete, unhindered,...